Workshop1: How to Find Your Innovation Sweet Spot
Workshop2: How to Develop Foresight
Workshop3: Certified Business Innovation Practitioner



Workshop 1: How to Find Your Innovation Sweet Spot
One-Day Experiential Workshop
Workshop leader: Victor Fey

Date: 2nd October
Time: 9am-5pm
Special Price: $150 AUD

This workshop will teach you TRIZ-based tools for rigorous identification and formulation of the most promising innovation opportunities.

What is this workshop about

"Innovation" is perhaps the most touted buzzword in today’s business world. The inability to innovate can stifle growth, make a company late to market with a service or product, or even reduce a corporate giant to an also-ran. The one element that gets lost in all the media buzz is how to actually innovate. Today, companies are habitually forced to compress the stages of technology, product and process development. For them, innovation cannot be an exceptional event. It must become a regular occurrence. Anything less and competitive leverage is permanently lost.

TRIZ is a system of methods for the development of breakthrough technologies and products. It is a key practice behind the growth of market and technology leaders such as Samsung, Hyundai, General Electric, Intel, Siemens, POSCO, and many others. TRIZ demonstrates that while the evolution of technology is seemingly composed of haphazard steps, in the long run it follows repeatable patterns. These patterns can be applied to any type of product and technology to unveil the future of where innovation is headed. TRIZ enables systems to develop faster, without wasting time and resources on the all-too-familiar random search for solutions.

You will learn:
• How to map key innovation opportunities
• How to identify the next high-potential innovations
• How to develop compromise-free solutions

What else does it include
Workshop material Workshop leader short bio
Victor Fey, TRIZ Master, Principal of The TRIZ Group, LLC, and a close associate of Genrikh Altshuller, the founder of TRIZ. Victor Fey has over 35 years’ experience in TRIZ research, training and application. He has collected more than two decades of consulting experience serving the Global 1000. In this innovation consulting capacity, Victor’s work has ranged the gamut from teaching, coaching and consulting, to facilitating and leading cross-functional teams in delivering critical breakthrough product and technology solutions. Only at Hyundai-Kia Motors, his consulting effort resulted in obtaining over 100 patents with an estimated ROI of $104 million. From 1997 through 2014, he was an Adjunct Professor at Wayne State University, where he taught the first graduate-level course in TRIZ in the West. He has lectured on the subject at MIT, Stevens Institute of Technology, Chalmers University, Technion, and others. His books include Effective Innovation: The Development of Winning Technologies, published by ASME Press, and Innovation on Demand: New Product Development Using TRIZ, released by Cambridge University Press (translated into Korean; a Chinese translation is scheduled for 2019).

Workshop 2: How to Develop Foresight
Workshop leader: Langdon Morris
Date: 2nd October
Time: 2pm-6pm
Special Price: $75 AUD

Workshop Description:
In this fascinating half-day workshop, Langdon Morris will lead us in a conversation to help us learn about the key tools and methods that the world’s leading strategists and futurists use to think about and plan for a highly volatile and uncertain future.   This will not be a lecture, but rather a highly interactive dialog and hands-on working session that is sure to help you learn important tools and techniques that are essential for effective strategy and innovation management, the same methods that Langdon teaches to corporate leaders worldwide.

What else does it include
Workshop material
Hardcopy of the Book :

The Big Shift

Workshop leader short bio
Since 2001, Langdon Morris has led the innovation consulting practice of InnovationLabs LLC, where he is a senior partner and co-founder. His work focuses on developing and applying advanced methods in innovation and strategy to solve complex problems with very high levels of creativity.
He is recognized as one the world’s leading thinkers and consultants on innovation and strategy, and his original and ground-breaking work has been adopted by corporations and universities on every continent to help them improve their innovation processes and the results they achieve.
His breakthrough white paper, Business Model Warfare is a landmark in the field, and is used as a standard reference at universities and corporations worldwide. His book Fourth Generation R&D, coauthored with William L. Miller, is considered a classic in the field of R&D management, and his more recent works Agile Innovation, The Agile Innovation Master Plan and Permanent Innovation are recognized as three of the leading innovation books of the last 5 years. His most recent book is Foresight and Extreme Creativity: strategy for the 21st Century, a comprehensive review of the major forces that are driving social and economic change.
He is Co-chair of the Innovation Council of Red Team Engineering, Innovation Coordinator at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, adjunct faculty at the University of Wisconsin Center for Corporate Creativity, and formerly Senior Practice Scholar at the Ackoff Center of the University of Pennsylvania.
He has taught MBA courses in innovation and strategy at the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (France) and Universidad de Belgrano (Argentina), and has lectured at universities on 4 continents, including Chaoyang University of Technology (Taiwan), Conservatoire Nationale des Arts et Métiers (France), University of Colorado, University of North Carolina, and Rochester Institute of Technology (USA), University of Nairobi, and Shanghai Jao Tong University (China).
Recent Clients
Industries: Aerospace, Consumer Goods, Education, Financial Services, Food, Health Care, High Tech, Hospitality, Industrial, Non-Profit, Telecom
By organization, in the Americas: NASA, Kaiser Permanente, UNICEF, American Heart Association, the Federal Reserve Bank, Stanford University, the University of Minnesota, NCB, CapGemini, PwC, DuPont, DPR Construction, GE, Johnson & Johnson, Aspen Institute, Boeing, Clif Bar & Company, American Family Insurance, CFED, Lucile Packard Foundation, Housing Partnership Network, PLANET, Loyola Law School, US Navy, US Coast Guard
In Europe: Accor, Airbus, Novotel, Total Oil, SAP, Gemalto, EADS, France Telecom, L'Oréal, Alcatel, Michelin, Solvay, Groupe Suez, Portuguese Quality Association, Endesa, Bouygues
In Asia: Tata Group, Wipro, Alcatel Qingdao, Alcatel Shanghai, GE Shanghai, Bayer Shanghai, China Steel, Bao Steel, France Telecom Orange Group Beijing, ING Insurance, Saudi Aramco, Glaxo Smith Kline China, St. Gobain China, Kone China, and many others.

Workshop 3: Certified Business Innovation Practitioner by International Academy of Innovative Business Workshop leader: Prof. Alexe Bojovschi
Provided by International Academy of Innovative Business
Date: 6th or 8th October
Time: 9pm-5pm
Note: this workshop is exclusive to attendees of Prof. Victor Fey's & Mr. Langdon Morris workshop.
How to register for this workshop email to

Workshop Description:

What capabilities you will gain after this workshop:
How to position yourself and your team in a peak creative state
How to ignite innovation within your team
How to accelerate creativity & innovation in your organization
How to create and secure competitive advantage
How to use multi facet innovation as a business differentiator
How to turbocharge your innovation sales & marketing
How to manage innovation

What else does it include
What you will receive upon successful completion of the workshop:
Certificate: Business Innovation Practitioner

Workshop leader short bio Alexe Bojovschi, #1 Best Seller of “INNOAPHORISMS – A spark each day – EMPOWER INNOVATION” in Business, Management & Leadership, Decision-Making & Problem Solving category in 5 countries including USA, Australia, Canada, France and Germany, is an inventor and innovator. His innovations are used by his own companies, IntAiB, iiRNet and iDataMachine and other organizations with whom he worked including IBM, American Air Force Research Laboratory, Australian Defence Science and Technology, Monash University, RMIT University, Victoria Partnership for Advanced Computing, Swinburne University of Technology and Aston University. He holds 8 US and international patents and published many technical papers. He is a pioneer in deriving technology and business insights from BigData. Alexe developed accelerated learning, creativity and innovation techniques and courses delivered at IntAIB and RMIT University. He shares his technologies, curiosity, creativity and innovation systems at Universities and Business Organizations around the world. He also appeared on media channels such as Australia Science Journal and ABC Radio. Alexe is working curently with The University of Melbourne, IND-Technology and Amity University on innovation projects.